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As a young girl, Amora started performing on the streets of New York City, and her passion for seeing the glow on the audience’s faces propelled her into a lifetime of performing.

Amora fulfilled her love of performing and toured international for many years with multiple shows, including The Greatest Show on Earth, Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus. While on tour Amora was granted the opportunity to study one of the world's most sacred ancient art forms, Fire Eating, Fire Breathing and Fire Manipulation.

Amora has been electrifying audiences with her fire act for over 15 years and is considered one of the elite fire performers in the industry. Amora has been blessed to be given the opportunity to perform on the stage of many prestigious venues and events.
Amora has literally entertained millions of people!

Amora's fire manipulation act is not only captivating, soulful and enthralling, it will keep you clapping, cheering and on the edge of your seat as she defies logic and executes mind boggling feats with fire. Amora’s spellbinding performance will leave you saying, “How did she do that??????” Amora has elevated this mystical art form to an innovative never before seen level!

Amora’s grace, beauty, playfulness, and her ability to engage the audience is what has made her so sought after.

Let Amora mesmerize your next audience as she leads them on an enchanted journey through the beauty of the flame and the dangers that lies within!
Amora is truly “The Enchantress of the Flame!”
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