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"When she performs it hard to take your eyes off of her. Even on the floor with 100 performers, she always stands out"
               -Tim Holst, VP Talent & Production
   Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus
"She is professional in every aspect, and a pleasure to have on the show. We had many rave reviews"
                     -Robert Earl, President
                      Roberts Bros. Circus
"If you're looking for an exciting specialty act to create a memorable event, look no further than Amora, the fire eater. Her dynamic performance lit up the stage! If you want to "Fire Up" the audience, Amora is certain to delight and amaze!"
                   -Joe Kasinski,
                    Ripley's Believe it or Not!
"She's amazing! Look how alluring she is. She's dangerous, yet inviting"
                                     -Sean Daly,
                                       ABC Action News
"Is there anything this woman can't do?!"
                                      -Mitch English,
                                       Daily Buzz Show
"She is truly on a league of her own"
                                -Andy Campbell,
                                 Daily Buzz Show
"One of the hottest performers of the summer"
                                       -Al Ruechel,
                                        Bay News 9
"I love your energy!"
                        -Ted Lawrence,
                         Ringling Brothers Instructor
"The best wardrobe I have ever seen!"
                   -Michael Sandlofer, Producer Circus with a Purpose
"Everyone was truly enchanted with the energy that never ended. Thanks for the professionalism and for helping make my event a memorable one"
                                 -Robert Casey,
                                  50th Birthday Party
"An asset to any show"
        -Jackie Le Claire,
        1996 Clown Hall of Fame Inductee